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In order to solve talent shortages in the workforce, we need to re-emphasize workplaces as educational spaces as well. The opposite would be true for our educational institutes where we need to re-emphasize schools as workplaces. By addressing the work and school system together, I believe this holistic approach would create better workplaces, better schools, better workers, and learners. The goal of the Hub is to continue lifelong learning and play into adulthood.


At the Hub, employees are referred to as students, and students are implied to be workers as well. This is because the two words are not exclusive; they share many roles, and should be seen as one of the same. The Workplace-Educational Hub is unique because it places emphasis on informal education that is transferred through everyday interactions that the design of the space encourages through the multiple utilities of every space. Second, it is unique because it takes what we know about play and education, and turns it into dedicated spaces to and allows technology to foster work and play together. I thought this was an important aspect of education and design that isn’t currently addressed enough at my current role as the Innovation Liaison of the Charter school I work at. I was observing classroom behavior and noticing how technology had the potential to change how we learn, play, and work. I also came to the realization that learning and playing was missing in our workplace. There had to be more crossover if students were to be successful adults, and for adults to be successful workers. Workplaces must infuse more learning and playing, and schools infuse more work components.


The Future of the Workplace 2021, Staples Business Solutions & Metropolis Magazine, Honorable Mention.

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