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Saxby's coffee franchises their coffee shops to potential business owners. In this business model, each business owner has the ability to customize their own coffee shop to make a unique interior that fits into its community. We were tasked to design four Saxby's Coffee locations; Saxby's Upenn, Saxby's 30th Street Station, Saxby's Ambler, and Saxby's UNH.


Saxbys's Upenn reflects University of Pennsylvania's historical library, and its design extends that aesthetic in a modern interpretation to allow students and locals to flow seamlessly from the Upenn environment into Saxby's.

Saxby's 30ths Street Station is a black metal structure. The design for the kiosk coffee shop contrasts Philadelphia's 30th street station's classical architecture allowing the kiosk to stand out and attract customers.

Saxby's Ambler is set in a historic suburban city rooted in its people and its traditions. The design responds to this community resembling a french bakery and cafe. The light and airy interior brings not only the light in, but also new customers.

Saxby's UNH is warm, inviting, and energetic. Its target customers are athletic, outdoors types who may want to come indoors to escape the harsh New Hampshire winters. It features a fireplace and many natural materials.

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