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Drive brand awareness and impressions about Tekserve. Brand Tekserve as fresh, unique, and a tastemaker and community leader in the local tech community. Drive new demographic to the Tekserve store. Connect and reach out to founders of startups and influencers in the community. However, the Tekserve brand isn’t fully resonating with the core message of the Startup Market.


The branding will stress innovation, freshness, and relevancy. We will also stress the stories of the founders, and focus on the startup community and the city of New York. The Startup Market @ Tekserve is a designated space to showcase and sell unique products and tell their story to the local community. The pop-up store will be a section inside Tekserve retail location, with a main goal of attracting awareness and foot traffic of new demographics. The initial pop-up theme will focus on consumer products/services that are made by startups from NYC and are highly giftable for the holiday season. It’s a space made for tuning in to the new possibilities enabled by technology, and the new projects that are happening in NYC.

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