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Kiva is an inspirational and connected solution provider focusing on empowering and enabling communities throughout the world. We joined Kiva to support their Delinquency Management team to help support borrowers when they are facing challenges and having concerns with being current on their loans. When we visited the San Francisco Headquarters the sense of Empowerment, Empathy and Community was self-evident and showed through in the way that everyone interacted and performed. Because Kiva is a non-profit and a young company, these values are not established as guiding principles which can lead to some miscommunication and a loss of connection between Kiva and their borrowers.


These core values once identified and established as true brand elements can then be reaffirmed and used to enable the true intent and identity of Kiva, this will create not only more connected users but also consistent processes and a stronger identity for the brand. We have highlighted three areas of action within Kiva’s processes that can help support their core values and support their borrowers: Onboarding, Internal Process and Control, and Internal/External Communication. In these three areas, if the core values are established and reinforced, the connection to borrowers will grow and help to diminish the delinquency rates and occurrences. Through empowering interns and local leaders, to connect to borrowers using empathetic communication, and by building a community of entrepreneurs, all members will be aligned for success.

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