Aaron Wong

Happy LED


Happy LED



Develop innovative LED lights for LED lighting indoor (standing lamp, table lamp, hanging lamp, chandelier, etc.), LED lighting outdoor (lamp post, safety light, roadway light, lawn light, etc.), LED lighting in the landscape (architecture façade, underground space, bill board, placard, digital banner, etc.) to be innovative in terms of use of LED technology considering the feasibility of manufacturing.



Life takes us along many paths. In an urban setting, people move through and across public spaces in every direction. This intertwining of circulation routes has inspired the foundation of our design. The project is a patchwork of LED ground lights composed of equilateral triangles on a grid. The design re-envisions how people interact with the ground in a way that adds energy and spirit to everyday life. The form welcomes and leads people to and from various directions while offering playful opportunities for interaction. It brings people together, creating a sense of place and a landmark in the city. Overall, the design captures and encourages the liveliness of urban life.