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The goal of this case study is to frame the Eagle Academy PCS community, with its unique demographics; characteristics, and challenges, with the newly implemented TEC Mentorship program, in partnership with the TEC Center at Erikson Institute, is progressing at the Capital Riverfront and Congress Heights campuses to enrich students’ educational process. Progress will be explored through the narrative of the TEC Mentors(educators) in their Innovation Labs (classrooms) by observing the path towards tech-integrated, project-based classroom instruction, and by analyzing assessment outcomes that will reveal patterns and correlations. 


The benefit of this case study is that it will reveal key insights and lessons learned to advance the study and implementation of tech integration and project-based learning in the future of early childhood education, and specifically, in Eagle Academy PCS’ future. Such insights and lessons learned will allow Eagle Academy PCS and other early childhood educational institutes to further develop and tailor future tech-integration and project-based learning programs such as the TEC Mentorship program, for future cohorts to be implemented with principals, coaches, teachers, and other specialists.

Careful and deliberate technology implementation in the community school will allow Eagle Academy PCS staff, students, family, and community members to connect further in more meaningful ways and extend learning opportunities beyond the school day. In order to support the whole child, the community school will aim to support the whole community because a child’s learning does not stop when school ends.


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