Aaron Wong
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Bert's Bites

Artisinal Crunchy Granola Snack Executive Strategy



Bert’s Bites is an artisanal food company founded by Roberta Intrater selling crunchy granola made for gifting and snacking. Its current operations are located in San Francisco where Bert’s Bites is mostly sold to local distributors, partners, fairs and online. She has one signature product with plans to include a gluten free and low-sugar options with her proprietary recipes calls for ingredients that she sources through several national wholesalers. These are currently produced by Roberta herself with a baking assistant in a local community kitchen. Along with production, Roberta manages sales, marketing, other operations and accounting with the help with a social media assistant, accountant, and other online tools. 

Our task in the project was to get Roberta out of her existing kitchen, outsource the production process, and move her into a management role to grow and expand on her current capabilities in order to attract investors. Our vision for Roberta and Bert’s Bites is to develop Bert’s Bites into a company with a revenue of at least $90,000 annually within 3 years by operating with our proposed co-packer model paired with a staffing strategy to increase sales and production.


Bert’s Bites is a go-to artisanal snack perfect for gifting or for parties and gatherings - unlike its competitors, Bert’s Bites is handmade in San Francisco, sourcing only the best ingredients made to perfection using Roberta’s own recipe. The value in the company not only sits on Roberta’s proprietary recipe, but also in her relationships to suppliers, distributors, and retailors, and also in her brand. Future growth of Roberta’s executive strategy includes new business models, new marketing strategies, new organizational strategies, new operational supply chain and production strategies, and management strategies for her to remain CEO and to attract investors.

After analyzing Bert's Bites existing operations and competitive analysis, we developed a new mission and vision for the company as well as a comprehensive implementation strategy, operation strategy, marketing strategy, and business strategy including new revenue streams, partnerships, future value propositions, future channels of distribution, new organizational design, organizational logistics, and dashboard for product costs, product margins, labor and administration costs, product sales, product contributions, and balance sheet and income statement.

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Aaron Wong - Business and Operational Strategy Lead

Andrew Sui - Organizational Strategy Lead

Emil Alex - Photographer, Visualizer Lead

Lucy Sweeney - Marketing and Brand Strategy Lead